We made it across the pond!

LOCATION: Southampton, England
WEATHER: Cloudy. 50s

It was a long trip – 9 hours direct from Austin, Texas to London Gatwick. Norwegian Airlines, in addition to being inexpensive, is very modern. You order drinks and food on the computer in front of your seat, paying with credit card. Then, the steward brings you your order. No more carts going up and down the aisles; no more fiddling with a credit card by the flight attendant. Very efficient.

We landed in London in a typical pea-soup fog. Public transportation is so good here. The train station is inside the airport. We bought our tickets for Southampton, a 2-hour train trip, for $20 each. The train route took us through lush countryside. We saw a lot of sheep and cows graising, and a few pheasants in the fields.

Southampton is the largest city in the area, and is where our cruise will be departing from in a week (the same port as the Titantic!) We found our B&B, an older house that has been converted to a B&B with about 15 rooms. Our room, unfortunately, was on the top (3rd) floor and it was exhausting hauling up our heavy suitcase all the way up! We rested a bit as I hadn’t slept at all the plane, and we were suffering from the 6-hour time zone difference.

Then – off to check out some pubs in our neighborhood.

George chatted up some of the other customers, as usual. Then, a stroll down the street to another pub that looked cute.

It was quite cozy, so we had an early dinner there in addition to our beer.

DINNER: We shared their evening special – gyro-styled chicken, chips (French Fries), and a salad. The food plus the beers was a total of 15 pounds – the quivalent of about $20 USD. The British pound is low, so the US dollar goes further.

Early to bed, after a bit of BBC on the telly, to try to catch up on our sleep.

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