Reids in the Sky Again!

LOCATION: Austin (Texas) Airport
WEATHER: Nice and cool until about noon. High 85

We enjoyed our last Texas margarita last night, sipping as we did our final packing-up. Our community is a “Lock and Leave” – meaning that all we have to do is lock the house, and have no worries while we are away. We went to the city water department today to put our water/sewer/garbage on “vacation mode” while we are away, so the price will be half of our normal rate – about $35/month. We have automatic sprinklers and everything is safe in this gated community. We have a mail-forwarding service which will send our mail to our daughter while we are away. So, we can be away without any worries. Our last dinner was an omelette – always a great way to finish up every bit of leftovers.

Then, the alarm got us up at 6:30 this morning, and we were off by 7:00. We rented a car for $86 to Austin, including the drop-off fee. So much better than trying to fly there (would have been an all-day proposition) and much less expensive. After about 5 hours, we arrived at the Austin Airport. Beers and pad thai tacos at the ready for a late lunch at an airport eatery.

We are EXTREMELY happy and relieved that there are no issues with our flight on Norwegian Airlines. The fare is $149 each for a direct flight from Austin to London Gatwick. We had heard rumors that Norwegian might go bankrupt, but no sign of this here.

Our flight is 9 hours. We will buy a sandwich at the airport to eat on the plane. I made pickled eggs which we will have for breakfast as we arrive in London at 7:30 AM tomorrow.

To my blog reader who inquired about Mexican meds we bought in Progreso, Mexico this weekend— The Mexican meds are only available for meds that are already generic. (For example – my husband’s Eliquis is not an option). We show them the container – e.g, Atenelol, and they sell it to us. Trustworthy? We think so, although we only use this as a back-up. Just as a precaution, when we have to use them, we alternate a US pill with a Mexican pill each day.

We hope that you will read our blog as we travel to England and then to southern Africa. I will try to write daily.

Cheers! Cheerio!

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