Dia De Los Muertos prep

LOCATION: Our tiny house in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Getting better. Record highs for this time of year (96) but very pleasant evenings

What a busy day! Chair yoga class, then 2 water aerobics sessions. Then, in the afternoon, I participated in a fun activity offered up by our community’s activities committee. About 15 of us met in our craft room to make Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) pumpkins. The directions were to bring scissors and a glass of wine to enjoy while carving (sounded a little dangerous…)

I had warned the coordinator that I am the least artistic person I know. She and others helped us carve and decorate.

I happened to sit next to this lady who is a real artist. She put me to shame, of course…

They all turned out quite different.

I put mine in the planting area in front of our house…

A close-up of my finished product…

Then, I rushed home to get ready for guests. Two couples came over for drinks and snacks. They are super neat people and we had a great time. Thankfully, it was cool enough to sit outside.

DINNER: Not very hungry after the get-together, we just shared a hamburger. Only 3 days of lunch and dinners left before we go on our trip. The trick is to eat up everything in the refrigerator without any food-less meals!

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