Catching up…

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER: Hot – 95 – 105 every day with sun…..until yesterday

I haven’t posted for a while, as life has been pretty mundane. Each morning is filled with exercise – water aerobics, chair yoga, and regular yoga for me, and exercises for George in the club’s workout room. Then, most afternoons we have some errands to run……We both bought some dress-up clothes for the cruise. I was lucky to find a little black skirt that I can scrunch up in my suitcase for $7. George bought some dress pants to go with the suit jacket he had bought in a thrift store in Minnesota. On our cruise, there are several “gala” evenings when fancy clothes are required.

We have also been working on our upcoming trip. This is our itinerary so far:

Fly to London
Train to Southampton and stay in a B&B
Pick-up rental car and go to the village for our one-week housesitting assignment
After the assignment, back to Southampton
Board ship for 17-day cruise
Air B&B in Capetown – TBD
Air B&B in wine country – TBD
Flight to Botswana
Safari in Botswana to 2 different camps
Flight to Zimbabwe
Hotel and activities at Victoria Falls
Flight to Johannesburg
Housesit in Johannesburg for 3 weeks
Trip to Krueger National Park – TBD
Arrangements back to USA – with possible layover in Dubai – TBD

So, most has been accomplished. Whew! I love doing all of this planning.

We have invited neighbors over for a couple of happy hour events with the idea of picking their brains. One couple spent a month in southern Africa last year, so they gave us some hints. Another couple spent the summer in New England, so we talked about campgrounds there for our road-trip next summer.

It has been super hot every day, making gardening difficult. When we arrived back here last week, several dead plants welcomed us. George cut them back and cleared away a lot of dead brush. Yesterday, we watched the car thermometer drop from 102 to 90 in about 5 minutes. Then, a strong Canadian wind blew in cold, refreshingly dry air, and the outdoor temp quickly dropped to about 65. Wow! (When the TV weatherman reported this, he pointed to British Columbia and Alberta on the weather map as the source of the cold winds, but said that the winds were coming from Ontario!)

The butterflies are in full force here. We are on a popular migrating path, as they fly from Canada to Mexico. Here in our community, we are encouraged to plant bushes that butterflies like…

There are also a lot of hummingbirds around.

While we were gone this summer, work continued on The Wall. These Wall parts are now sitting in a big lot on the road next to our development.

Workers in these pick-up trucks spend their days guarding the Wall parts. What a great use of our tax money! Not!!!

DINNER: We will be here another 10 days or so, so I am trying to use up all of the food I bought (I think I bought a little too much). Meals have included scallops sauteed in garlic butter, gumbo, hamburgers, and salmon burgers. Last night, taking advantage of the cool temps, George grilled a steak. I smeared it with chimichurri – very tasty.

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