The Long To-Do List

LOCATION: At our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER: Hot and humid. Short rain showers

We are getting back into the routine at Retama Village. I did a water aerobics class, and George worked out in the gym.

We both have LONG to-do lists related to house things, and finalizing plans for the South Africa trip. It is good to check a few things off each day.

In the heat of the day, we went to the clubhouse to use their internet and get more things accomplished.

When it cooled down a bit, George did some yard work, including transplanting my basil into some pretty Mexican pots. (It was still too hot for me, and I cowered inside)

We did a shopping trip to Target. My saucepan has been blackened by cooking over campfires, so I bought a new one. On next summer’s trip, I will pack one set of cookware for indoors cooking and keep the iron skillet and this blackened sauce pan for outdoors. While we were there, we got our flu shots – and got a $5 Target gift coupon each!

George got the grill going. He wanted me to take this photo to prove that sometimes he can get a fire going in this grill……but not always!

DINNER: Grilled hamburgers stuffed with bleu cheese – superb Iowa Maytag bleu that we bought along the way. Sides were baked French fries and green beans from our Iowa friends.

We don’t have cable TV since we are here for short periods, so we don’t get PBS. Very disappointing. Generally, there is not much on the channels we get over the air. So,, tonight after dinner we watched the DVD “Memoirs of a Geisha”.

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