Busy day in Retama!

LOCATION: At our tiny house in Retama Village in Mission, Texas


We worked like busy bees all day – 5 loads of laundry, catching up with mail, cleaning the house, and putting stuff away.

Our community is looking very nice. The bushes seem to have grown and are sprouting blossoms that the 10000s of butterflies enjoy. Some of our plants made it; others will have to be replaced. The association takes care of mowing and we have automatic sprinklers, so the grass stays nice.

I joined some other women in the clubhouse for “Wine Wednesdays” and got caught up on some of the community news.

After it cooled off a bit, George and I went to the pool to bob around some. We had the pool to ourselves. Nice!

DINNER: ShrimpNGrits. We had some grits leftover from breakfast the other day so I used the grits up with this recipe, adding some cream cheese and cheddar cheese. I sauteed poplano and bell peppers up with green onion and garlic, then addedd shrimp. I then added the cheese grits mixture until everything was melted and yummy. Side was salad.

To my brother, one of my faithful readers: The reason I sometimes need to dip into the back-up pantry while we are traveling (rather than eat out) is that typically we are far away from any restaurant. And, in unfamiliar territory, we don’t like driving around at night. So far, all of my make–do recipes have turned out, at least George hasn’t complained.

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