Back “home” at our tiny house

LOCATION: Back in Retama Village in Mission, Texas where we had a tiny house (480 square feet) built two years ago. We are about as far south as you can go in Texas, about 1/2 mile from the Rio Grande River

WEATHER: Beastly hot and humid

Our final leg of the trip was about 3 hours – from Three Rivers to Mission. We could tell we were getting close — palm trees lining the highway, dead armadillos on the highway shoulders, and lots of Border Patrol vehicles whizzing by!

Our trip started in mid-May and ended today, October 1. We put about 12,000 miles on the Airstream, and about 17,000 on the pick-up – with additional day trips. This is our route….

….plus a detour of a flight to northern Alberta to attend a great party!

When we arrived, we worked like devils unloading the trailer, sweating to beat the band. Then, I made a trip to our local supermarket to stock up. I was a little giddy with the opportunity to buy things to fill a much larger refrigerator!

Some friends in our community, also Airstreamers, invited us over for a lovely dinner. They, too, travelled a lot this summer and we compared notes. They served us some turkey brats flavored with jalapenos – really good.

KARMEN’S KITCHEN TIPS: Yesterday, I posted about the sink strainer that has been the single best purchase I have made. One of our readers, Pam, asked me for the dimension. For our sink in a 25′ Flying Cloud, I bought the strainer that is 4.5″ inches from side to side – outer dimension. Hope this helps!

We have a lot more to do – laundry,, pack for our trip to South Africa, and I keep telling myself that I don’t have to do everything in one day!

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