A Day at the Airstream Dealership

CAMPGROUND: Big Mesquite RV Park.. Bigger sites than most commercial parks. Trees for shade. Full hook-ups. 99% of the residents are full-time oilfield workers. Bathroom ok, but far away. $29/night. 3 stars out of 5
LOCATION: Three Rivers, Texas, about 3 hours south of Austin
WEATHER: Same ole’ heat and humidity

We had set the alarm so we would get an early start to arrive at the Airstream dealership in south Austin as soon as they opened. We hurriedly packed up and got in the service line.

We only had minor warranty work and an annual inspection to be completed, but they are so busy that it took a long time.

To kill time, we drove in to the small town of Buda, near the dealership, and off the Interstate. It is a really cute little town. In the historic district, we found a Mexican restaurant for breakfast. I had the “fattie” taco. Although the name was a bit offputting, the waitress assured me that it would not make me fat. Ha!!

This cute sign was outside the restaurant door…

We killed some more time by shopping at the Cabelas nearby. We bought some RV supplies and some light-weight long-sleeved shirts for our upcoming African safari (light for the heat and long-sleeved for the mosquitos).

Then, back to Buda for lunch. They have renovated an old cotton gin and mill area into a cluster of upscale shops and restaurants. We went to Nate’s – a coffee/pastry shop by day and a cocktail/wine bar by evening. They have 3 wifi networks, and are set up for people to hang around. If I ever owned a shop, it would be like this one.

Back to the Airstream dealership (which we highly recommend if you are ever looking for an Airstream)….. It is called Camper Clinic II – https://www.camperclinic2.com

They finally finished about 3:30 and we were out by 4:00. We had thought we would drive all the way back to Mission, but with this late start, we decided to stop along the way.

In this part of Texas, off the Interstate, it is hard to find a place to camp. Almost all the “RV parks” are really just seasonal living for oilfield workers. The workers work nearby and live here, then go home to their families on their days off. Most of these parks look pretty miserable; ours tonight is better than most.

KARMEN’S KITCHEN TIP: This will be my last tip – as we will arrive home tomorrow, and because I can’t think of any more! When we first started RVing, someone gave me this great advice – to buy one of these little sink strainers. They cost $1 and are found in Dollar stores. They do a great job to keep the little pieces of food out of your grey water drain. Buy one!

DINNER: Really the bottom of the barrel…..I thought we would be home tonight, so didn’t have much at all available for dinner. So, into the back-up pantry box I went. I cooked up a package of Parmesan noodle mix and added canned chicken breast meat and steamed broccoli. With some additional fresh Parmesan and hot sauce, it was actually ok.

We have electricity here (hallelulah) but poor TV reception, so we watched a Canadian DVD – “Corner Gas” that our Nova Scotia friends Tony and Jenny gave us. Very funny and easy to watch.

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