BBQ Capital of the World

CAMPGROUND: Longhorn RV Resort. Deluxe. Full-hookups. Paved sites. Picnic table and firepit. Not much shade. Very nice clubhouse and swimming pool. About 80% of the sites are for full-timers. $45/night. 4 out of 5. (Would have given it a 5 except for the price)

LOCATION: Outskirts of Austin, Texas

WEATHER: Sunny and hot

We decided not to spend a second night at the Lockhart State Park campground. There wasn’t that much to do, and we felt a bit isolated.

We headed into the town of Lockhart, self-proclaimed “BBQ Capital of the World”. Indeed, there are a lot of BBQ joints, and a BBQ/Swing Festival just was ending. We went to Blacks BBQ, the oldest BBQ restaurant in Texas…. Black’s BBQ.

Like most BBQ places, you go through a line to order sides, then select your meat.

We were probably the smallest order ever filled. We each had one small rib plus George had a cornbread muffin and charro beans.

Most people were gorging on huge platters of food. Alas, many of the customers were super huge, too.

We watched some of the cowboy dancers – always so amazing to me.

After lunch, we drove only about 10 minutes to this RV park that we had spotted yesterday. We will be a bit closer here to the Airstream dealership for tomorrow’s appointment, and it is much nicer than the state park.

We enjoyed a decadent afternoon – Bloody Marys and snacks while watching football (George) and reading (me). Then, we swam a bit in the pool. Very nice. We met a couple in the pool who live here year-round.

DINNER: George said it was the best Asian stir-fried rice I have ever made. I think it was because I used more diced ginger than usual. Along with the ginger, I sauted garlic, green pepper, onion, and chicken. Then, I added rice and peas. When it was almost finished, I scrambled an egg and stirred that in. Seasoned with Japanese soy sauce (not Chinese) and sesame seeds. The chicken came from a can. I keep a few cans in my back-up pantry box and they often come in handy.

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