Day trip to Waco

CAMPGROUND: Second night at the North Texas Airstream Community.
LOCATION: Hillsboro, Texas – about 1.5 hours south of Dallas
WEATHER: Another hot one. Unseasonably hot

The wifi here is superb, so I have been doing a lot of work on our Africa trip. We may have a second housesitting assignment, and if so, I can lock in on a safari. Unfortunately, I think our timing is not great….It is not one of the best times, weather-wise, to visit some of the safari areas. We will see.

When we got in the truck for our day’s trip, the outside thermometer was reading 109! And it is still morning!

Then, off to Waco, about an hour south of here. We had to go on Interstate 35 which was crazy with traffic. Three lanes, all barrelling along at about 80 mph. Then, when we hit Waco, it was a parking lot, due to construction.

We checked out one of Waco’s breweries, of course, then to downtown for lunch in an old Irish pub. We saw a sign for a Dr. Pepper Museum, so stopped by. George loves Dr. Pepper, so he went on the tour. Dr. Pepper originated here in the mid-1800s.

It seems everybody walking around downtown Waco is carrying a shopping bag from Magnolia, so we had to see what the buzz is there. It is the home-decor store created by Chris and Joanna Gaines, the stars of the popular HDTV Fixer Upper show. The shop is like a Williams Sonoma store with a Southern bent.

I think the Gaines couple owns the town….Waco Heart of Texas

People were lined up in the hot sun to buy one of the Gaines’ cupcakes from their shop. What a business!

We took a free city trolley back to our car. A nice outing!

DINNER: Grilled ahi tuna steak. Sides were green peas, and rice.

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