Surrounded by Airstreams!

CAMPGROUND: North Texas Airstream Community. A village just for Airstreamers. We are staying in their terraport – where overnight guests stay. The rest of the community are homes and garages that people own. $25/night. Nice clubhouse with restrooms. No showers. Friendly people. 3 stars out of 5
LOCATION: Hillsboro – In North Central Texas. Between Dallas/Fort Worth and Waco
WEATHER: Hot. 99 degrees with 100+ heat index

We enjoyed the early morning cool temps at the Harvest Host winery where we stayed last night. This is the view from our Airstream up to the winery.

We left fairly early as it looked like it might rain, and we would be stuck in the mud where we were parked. We had only about 80 miles to go to this destination.

We passed by lots of cotton fields.

The farmers were in their fields harvesting and baling the cotton

We also drove through lots of very poor-looking small towns. Kind of depressing.

Our destination is this Airstream park, similar to the one we stayed at in Minnesota. There are about 8 of these across the USA. There are about 150 lots. Only Airstreams are allowed.

After getting set up, we went in to the town of Hillsboro. Not much there. We found a pub with a good beer selection and super friendly staff. We split a tasty hamburger and chatted with the owners. When asked what brings us here, we told them we were staying at the Airstream park. They said that a bunch of the Airstreamers come to their pub, The Plaid Turtle, every Thursday evening, and that we should return with them.

We drove around the Airtream park, looking at the different set-ups. Some of the lots have regular houses with a big garage for the Airstreams

Most have this type of metal structure, some one-story and some two-story where the residents park their Airstream under or next to the living area.

Others just have Airstreams in a garage-type shelter and live in a house. We met the owner of these vintage Airstreams. The guy likes tinkering around and restoring them

We did indeed return to The Plaid Turtle – for the Airstream get-together, and enjoyed chatting with the residents. Some live here year-round; others are here just for the winter.

On our way home, we stopped at Walmart to look for some camping supplies we need. Our car thermometer registered 99 degrees outside as I took this photo of Christmas decorations. Unbelievable!

We have 50-amp electricity hook-up here so we can run both our air-conditioners. Yay! This is the first time we have needed both on this year’s trip. With the A/C on, I felt like I could cook indoors without worrying about heating things up.

DINNER: Salad with some of the Iowa tomatoes along with avocados, purchased today, back in the land of cheap fruit and vegetables. Main course was chicken breast sauteed with Greek seasonings and a combo of peppers and onions, served with the tzatziki that I am trying to use up, and stuffed with diced cucumbers in pita pockets.

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