Typical Minnesota Saturday

CAMPGROUND: Another night at Autumn Woods RV

LOCATION: Rochester, Minnesota, in SE part of state

WEATHER: Cloudy with rain in AM; perfect sunny fall PM

We stopped in at the Saturday Rochester Farmers’ Market downtown. It is a wonderful market, full of veg and local meat stalls. We have a lot of veg already from our daughter’s CSA, so couldn’t really buy much more.These mushrooms were particularly hard to resist…For lunch, we drove about an hour south to the delightful village of Lanesboro. We were meeting up with a faithful blog reader. We have ties through college and mutual friends. The sun came out and we ate on the patio of one of the village’s historic buildings.The village is very popular on weekends for tourists. Lanesboro is on a long bike trail that was created from unused railroad tracks. There were lots of bikes parked in front of shops, cafes, and ice cream parlors.Other types of bikes (motorcycles) abound here, too. The town has lots of cute inns and B&Bs, as well as a professional theater.On our way home, we stopped in an even smaller town to check out a brewery. It is amazing how these little towns can support these. This one was full of local people who all know each other, from neighboring towns.Back at the Airtream, I worked on our upcoming route. We will leave here on Tuesday, and I made arrangements to stay in a Harvest Host winery one night, and a brewery the next night. That will be fun! We are making our way to Iowa, where I have a high school reunion. We will follow the Mississippi as much as we can.

We were pleasantly surprised when our daughter’s boyfriend’s parents stopped by the Airstream in the evening. It was fun to show them around, and chat. We love hosting folks and sharing our beautiful RV.

DINNER: One of the vegetable items from the CSA is a big fennel bulb with lots of fronds. I researched some recipes and made a dish with both the bulb and fronds. I made half of it without chicken so I can give it to our vegan daughter. Our version had sauteed chicken, onions, and tomatoes, baked with toasted bread crumbs. It turned out quite tasty. I thought I would not like the anise taste, but it was mild. Side was a lettuce and radish salad, all thanks to the CSA package.

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