I got carded!

CAMPGROUND: Another night at Autumn Woods RV

LOCATION: Rochester, MN in SE part of state

WEATHER: Cool again and some rain.

Another few appointments at Mayo Clinic. There is beautiful artwork of all kinds throughout the new Gonda building, like this blown glass by Chihuly. All very tasteful. (When they first installed this, George’s comment was “How are they going to clean it?”)

I had lunch (black bean soup as it was a soup-kind-of day) at a nice downtown restaurant with a former colleague. We could have chatted for hours! Then, I walked to our daughter’s apartment. It is an older house that they have made into 3 apartments. She really likes living there as she is only a few blocks from St. Mary’s Hospital, also a part of Mayo.

We picked up the veg she received from her monthly CSA delivery. We shared it, and I am anxious to cook up some of the interesting vegetables – like fennel – which I have never cooked before.

We took her shopping at a new fresh market. The mums and pumpkins really make me realize that fall is here.

Then, to check out yet another one of Rochester’s new breweries. This one was crazy busy – with lots of young people, still in their work clothes, at 5:00 on a Friday. When we went to the counter to buy a beer, the server carded Alexis, which is normal. Then, he asked for my ID! I asked if he was joking, but he was serious! I guess it must be my new hair-do…..

From there, we had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Rochester – the Redwood Room.

Another great day in Rochester!

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