We have a leak!

CAMPGROUND: Another day at Autumn Woods RV Park

LOCATION: Rochester, MN in SE part of state

WEATHER: Cool – 60s and rain

It rained hard again during the night, and we awoke to find a puddle of water on the kitchen floor. We have looked and looked, but cannot find the source of the leak. It doesn’t appear to be from the top. Thank goodness we are having a 2-year check-up of the Airstream in a few weeks.

Another day of appointments, including a visit to the Travel Clinic to see what shots or meds we need for our trip to South Africa. One typhoid fever shot and malaria prescription later, I zipped out of the clinic to meet up with our daughter for lunch.

We had this delicious meal at her favorite vegan restaurant.

Then, more appointments, followed by a happy hour drop-in at one of Rochester’s new breweries. This drop-in was for followers of my blog. I was so happy to see folks.

It is such a small world……one couple from South Carolina who read the blog faithfully just happen to be in Rochester this week and are actually at Autumn Woods RV Park. We were so happy they joined us at the drop-in

After tasting some good beers, we headed to dinner at the home of our daughter’s boyfriend’s parents. I joke with the father that he is the best pizza baker in the city. He made 3 pizzas, including an eggplant/mushroom vegan one for our daughter. Lovely evening.

Back to the RV after a long day. Great fun!

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