Even more appointments and more get-togethers

CAMPGROUND: Another night at Autumn Woods RV Park

LOCATION: Rochester, Minnesota, in SE part of state

WEATHER: Rain most of the day. High 70

We awoke to a lightning and thunder show. We had the windows and curtains open, so watched the lightning pop seemingly overhead. Wow!

It was another day of appointments at Mayo Clinic. As a former employee, it is interesting to experience it, not as my employer, but as my healthcare provider. At every appointment, I have been treated with respect and kindness, and with a lot of efficiency. Wonderful experience.

As I said yesterday, Mayo believes in treating the soul as well as the physical being. This grand piano is used a lot, in one of the main Mayo buildings. Today, a young MD was playing. Often patients, including children, play and sing. It is lovely.

Since it was raining, I walked through the downtown subways (a tunnel system) and skyways between downtown buildings. This photo is of the trolley called W.W. Mayo that takes tourists around town. I took the photo from one of the skyways.

I joined 3 former work colleagues for lunch in one of the newer downtown bistros. How great to get together with them! I had a really delicious Thai chicken soup.

In the afternoon, with a bit of free time, we stopped at the local Goodwill. George happily bought a suit jacket for $5 to wear on our upcoming cruise.

Then, we met up with our former neighbors at our local British pub. It is just a few blocks from the house where we lived, so it was our favorite stomping ground. It was fun this afternoon to catch up with lovely neighbors.

Then, we dashed to one of Rochester’s new brewpubs to meet up with another former colleague and his wife. The rain stopped so we enjoyed dinner outside. We shared a vegan curry that our vegan daughter had recommended.

Another busy and fun day in Rochester!

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