More appointments; more friend get-togethers

CAMPGROUND: Another night at Autumn Woods RV Park
LOCATION: Rochester, Minnesota in SE part of state
WEATHER: Hot – 88 and muggy

FOR ROCHESTER AREA READERS — We would love to get together with my blog readers. Please join us for some great conversation – on Thursday, September 12 starting around 5:00 at Little Thistle Brewery, one of Rochester’s new places that we want to check out.


More appointments – another dental one and another Mayo Clinic one – filled the morning. I strolled around downtown Rochester between appointments. This pedestrian-only plaza is full of restaurants and cool shops. They show movies in the summer on weekends. The city does a great job with flowers all over

Along with all the modern buildings, Mayo has preserved old, fine architecture ones as well. This door, to the Plummer Building, is only closed on days when something significant occurs – like 9/11.

The city is busy building new buildings and tearing down old ones. This landmark thankfully has stayed. A former theater, it has had several different identities over the years. When we lived in Rochester, it was a book store. They are converting it to some type of entertainment venue now, I think.

I had lunch in one of the new breweries with a former work colleague. I had the vegan pizza which our vegan daughter had recommended. She was right – it was really good!

After work, we met up with some former Mayo Clinic colleagues for happy hour at one of the downtown bistros. So good seeing old friends again!!

Back at the camper, George tried to get a charcoal fire going to grill some brats. He just could not get a hot fire, so we broke one of my rules, and cooked the brats inside. I turned on ALL the fans.

DINNER: Gazpacho (one of my specialties and a great way to use up veg) to start. Then, salads and brats.

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