Back to our old stomping ground!

CAMPGROUND: Autumn Woods RV Park. Typical commercial park with all amenities, but the spaces are nicely separated. Really nice commons room with library, laundry and bathrooms/showers. Picnic table. $37/night. 4 stars out of 5.
LOCATION: Rochester, Minnesota – in SE part of state
WEATHER: Very nice. Sunny, high 70

NOTE: If you are from near Rochester, and would like to get together, I am hosting a drop-in.. This will be for the blog readers. Please join my husband George and me on Thursday, Sept 12 from 5:00 – 6:30 at:

Little Thistle Brewing
2031 14th ST NW

We hope you can come!!!!

We relaxed and took our time packing up at the Airstream park, then headed out. We only had about 150 miles to Rochester. It was a very nice drive, past a lot of attractive lakes and towns.

Then…..we hit the Twin Cities area. Terrible traffic and construction. We almost missed a couple of detour turns. I had my eyes closed for most of the trip through the metro area.

We survived, of course, and the rest of the ride to Rochester was pleasant. The corn and soybeans look really good here, better than in some other parts of the country.

This RV park caters to Mayo Clinic patients. 99.99% of the RVers are here for appointments. The check–in practice is different. They assume that everyone will stay at least a week, for appointments, and realize that sometimes additional appointments get added and campers are not certain of their departure date. So, they don’t take your credit card, but ask that you talk with the front office after a week. At that point, you pay for the first week, and tell them when you think you might leave. What an honest system!

Yesterday, when I was shopping, I bought this basil plant. It is the sorriest looking thing! I bought it for a recipe that calls for basil. The whole live plant was cheaper than buying a few sprigs. At the Minnesota Airstream Park, I filled up our flower pot with soil near their community garden. I hope it survives, but it isn’t looking promising.

We lived in Rochester from 2000-2013. We both worked at Mayo Clinic, the best hospital in the world, and the best employer I ever had. We are back here for regular check-ups and to get together with our daughter, and friends. We will be here for about 10 days.

I made two dishes for a picnic we are attending tomorrow. It is on a farm, so I did a vegetable theme. One dish is succotash and the other is similar to a meal we enjoyed when visiting my aunt and uncle in Canada – a casserole with a layer of sauteed mushrooms, then a layer of sauteed zucchini, then a layer of sliced tomatoes, and topped with slices of cheese.

While I was cooking all this up, George got our smoker grill ready to make dinner.

DINNER: Grilled ahi tuna steaks. Sides were Asian stir-fried vegetables and sunamono – Japanese pickled cucumbers, a dish I make a lot in the summer when cucumbers are so plentiful.

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