A day on the farm…

CAMPGROUND: Another Harvest Host site (the network of wineries, breweries, museums, and farms where you can camp free with membership). This one is a farm. Level, graveled area for parking. Pretty rustic. 3 stars
LOCATION: 50 miles SW of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. SE part of state
WEATHER: Muggy and hot. High 85

We hung around the Sioux Falls KOA until it was time to check-out, as we had such a short drive today. Now that we have dumped our tanks, done all our laundry, stocked the refrigerator, filled up with fresh water, and taken lots of showers, we are ready to rough it again for a few nights.

The farm is down a 12-mile bumpy surfaced road, then down a long lane. No one was here when we arrived, so we just parked in the lane and had a leisurely late lunch. We walked around a bit. Everything is wet.

The farmer and his girlfriend returned later in the afternoon, welcomed us, and invited us to check out their barn. We got settled in where the farmer directed us.

The farmer told us that it has been a terrible summer crop-wise. This area is famous for its strawberries, but they have been flooded out for the last 2 years. He said all the crops are way behind schedule and pointed out this beautiful maple tree that is already turning red, a harbinger of an early frost – before the crops are fully ripened, he foresees.

The barn was pretty amazing. Shelf after shelf of salsas, pickles, pickled asparagus, canned fruit, and jams that they do themselves and take to local farmers’ markets. We bought some jars of things, thinking that they will be nice gifts (and that the pickled asparagus might be tasty in a Bloody Mary!)

We asked about fresh veg and they took us to a huge refrigerated section of the barn where we selected some goodies..

I was pretty miserable in the afternoon. The breeze died down and it was very hot. With no electricity, we of course had no air conditioning. I sat reading a book and dabbing an ice cube around my neck. 🙂

Another Harvest Host guest arrived – a single lady from California. We sat outside with her for awhile and exchanged road adventure stories.

DINNER: Pasta with a cream cheese sauce, with bits of crumbly bacon, chicken breast, and capers. Pretty tasty. Side was our last patty-pan squash (gift of the winery where we stayed a few days ago), sauteed with onions.

During the night, we were serenaded by coyote songs. Nice.

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