Sculptures of Sioux Falls

CAMPGROUND: 3rd night at Sioux Falls KOA
LOCATION: Sioux Falls, South Dakota – in SE part of state
WEATHER: Partly cloudy. High 70

Taking advantage of a window of good weather, we went downtown to do the Sculpture Walk. We jumped on the tourist trolley at the Falls Park. The driver/narrator did a good job pointing out landmarks and giving us a history of the city.. We got off downtown which was full of people. Nice vibe.

Each year, for the last 15 years, the city places sculptures along the main downtown street. This year there are 59 of them. Locals and tourists are encouraged to vote for their favorite one. Then, each September, the one with the most votes is purchased by the city and placed in Falls Park. We saw lots of interesting ones….

This is the one we voted for….

It is a nice way to get people to support downtown. Back on the trolley, the driver told us that the city works hard to keep the downtown vibrant. They do not allow any chains, just unique and local shops, restaurants, cafes, etc.

The trolley dropped us off at a brand-new brewpub (< 1 month old) next to the Falls. It is the kind of place where we would like to live one day – modern condos above with retail on the ground floor.

We found some lunch near our KOA, then went to a nearby winery. Each Sunday afternoon, they offer concerts at the winery. Their wine was awful, so we each had a local beer. The music was quite nice.

Back at the KOA, we met our new gregarious neighbors – from Minnesota. They brought us over some sweet corn that they had proudly grown.

DINNER: Meaty chili (I added hamburger meat that we grilled a few days ago) and the Minnesota sweet corn on the cob.

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