Making do on a rainy day…

CAMPGROUND: 2nd night Sioux Falls KOA
LOCATION: Sioux Falls, South Dakota – in southeast part of state
WEATHER: Pretty miserable. Rain most of the day High 70

We awoke to a bleak day – heavy dark clouds and rain. Since it was not a good day for outdoor activities, we stayed inside most of the day.

Working online, I found a super cheap airfare to London – $149 each!!! Norwegian Air from Austin, Texas. We will fly there in mid-October, do a housesitting assignment near Southampton, then take a cruise (for which we also got a cheap deal) to South Africa for another housesit.

To avoid claustrophia, we went downtown to find some lunch. We checked out two more microbreweries. This town has a lot!

Naps and laundry in the afternoon – not too glamorous

KARMEN’S KITCHEN TIP: Our Airstream has a pull-out pantry which I adore. I have been able to find plastic containers that fit perfectly. I store items in it that we use often – cereal, pasta, hot sauce, salt and pepper. In addition to this food storage, I have a large plastic bin in the back seat of our pick-up where I keep canned goods, unopened condiments, etc.

DINNER: Asian stir-fried vegetables with soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles). I added some of the leftover kabob meat to the vegetables.

We watched a BBC comedy marathon on PBS after dinner – “Keeping Up Appearances” and “As Time Goes By”. Some of my favorites.

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