More South Dakota wine

CAMPGROUND: Another Harvest Host site. Wilde Prairie Winery. Century-old barn converted to a winery. Owners live in old farmhouse on property, too. Nice graveled area to park. Porta-potty. Free. 4 stars out of 5
LOCATION: Outside of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in SE part of state
WEATHER: Beautiful. Sunny. High 73

We had a short drive today, 100 miles, so we had a relaxing morning at the Brookings Municipal Campground. The place was almost empty. Only a RPod and us. The RPod is almost identical to the one owned by our friends Tony and Jenny in Nova Scotia. Wish they were here!

Our destination was this winery, and we didn’t want to arrive too early. We stopped along the way for lunch and to use wifi.

The hosts/owners greeted us as we entered the driveway, and directed us to park in front of an antique tractor.

We got settled in and roamed around the farm

They grow all their grapes. They also make fruit wines, consequently there was a lot of rhubarb.

The owner/winemaker gave us a tour of his little winery located under the barn. Then, we went upstairs to the main barn area for a tasting and to look at the artwork the owner’s wife had painted.

Most of the wines were sweet, but we found one dry red one. Most cold-weather grapes for wine-making were developed by the University of Minnesota. We learned about these when we lived there.

We took our drinks (and some local cheese curds we bought at the winery) to a picnic table and enjoyed Happy Hour in the beautiful weather.

DINNER: Tacos. I made them with the hamburger George grilled last night, plus tomatoes, onions, green peppers, cheese, and baby spinach. Side was more of that delicious sweet corn.

BOOK: I finished another one in the British detective series by Peter Robinson — “Hanging Valley”. I like the series as it takes place in the Yorkshire Dales, where we did a housesitting assignment.

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