Another Harvest Host success

CAMPGROUND: Not a campground – another Harvest Host site – 4e Winery. We were the only guests. Huge gravel parking lot. Hooked up to electricity. Water available. Super quiet. Beautiful, century-old barn and farm. Very, very kind hosts. 5 stars out of 5!
LOCATION: Near Fargo, North Dakota
WEATHER: Rain most of the day until evening

We were really happy to be reunited with our Airstream (we really need to come up with a name for the gal!). We picked her up in the Winnipeg Airport hotel park & stay lot.

Our traveling buddies Tony and Jenny happened to be camping outside of Winnipeg, where we camped together about 3 months ago. We met them this morning literally on the road – on the highway near that same RV park. We had a good chat, catching up with each other, then they headed east, back toward their home in Nova Scotia, and we headed south, sort of on our way back to Texas.

US Immigration was easy but very slow – about an hour waiting in line. Then, we drove through lots of North Dakota farmland. It is sad – they have had too much rain and the fields are standing in water with many crops looking dead or dying. We drove through torrential rain for several hours.

We found our night’s stay at another Harvest Host location. They just get better and better! We had called again, and the owners said that they are closed on Mondays, but we could stay anyway. There was a chance that the husband, the winemaker, would be there.

We pulled in, down a lovely lane, flanked by grapevines, to the winery and farm area.

Sure enough, he was working on the farm and welcomed us. He opened up the winery and gave us a tasting. We tasted all of the dry wines he had, and bought a bottle of red and white. They were quite good.

We explored the century-old farm.

We asked the owner about a nearby grocery store, as we were out of fresh vegetables. He said….”Even better, I will pick something for you from the garden”, and he brought us some green pepper, onions, jalapenos, summer squash, and patty pan squash. Can you believe it?

After working for awhile, the winemaker owner returned to Fargo, where he is a university chemistry professor. Tomorrow is his first day of classes.

We made ourselves at home, at his urging, and sat on the upstairs deck overlooking the back of the winery/farm.

Their rescued cat Dark Currant took a shining to George

DINNER: The very last of the fresh trout George caught a few weeks ago. I had made some fish patties (like salmon burgers) and we did those on the gas grill. Since we have electricity here, I toasted some buns. Side was a big stir-fry of all the veg from the farm

After dinner, it rained a bit more, and then a faint rainbow appeared to say goodnight.

We have pretty good TV reception, and watched reruns of “All in the Family”. Cool!

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