Winding down the anniversary party

LOCATION: Winnipeg, Alberta

WEATHER: Overcast. High 63

My brother Keith and I, along with our spouses, bought my aunt and uncle a case of wine for their anniversary. I gave it to them today, and they were very pleased….

We had brunch at my cousin’s house. It was another huge spread. A cousin from Seattle brought some lovely smoked salmon from Alaska, from a fisherman friend. It was yummy.

Then, to the Grande Prairie Airport, and from there to Edmonton. We had another 2-hour layover, so hit the Belgian Beer Bar in the airport again. They pair all of their beers with special glasses, just like they do in Belgium.

From Edmonton, we flew to Winnipeg and are spending the night at the airport hotel. We were happy and relieved to see the Airstream safe and sound in the parking lot.

Tomorrow, back to “normal” life on a different road….

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