60th Anniversary Pre-Party

LOCATION: Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada – about 350 miles NW of Edmonton

WEATHER: Beautiful. High 70

We had to get up at 4:00 AM at the airport hotel to take the shuttle to the airport. We flew Air Canada to Edmonton, then up to Grande Prairie. There was a 2-hour delay in Edmonton, so George found the airport’s Belgian Beer Bar to kill the time.

We are being “billeted” at my aunt and uncle’s spunky 95-year-old neighbor’s house. She is amazing – zips around on her golf cart and proudly mows her large yard, which is almost a daily task.

My Uncle Leo and George enjoyed a beer on the patio.

Then, we went to my cousin’s house, just down the lane, where the party will be held tomorrow. This evening, it was a dinner party for the family. They have a beautiful pool/entertainment area and a huge backyard.

Here is more family enjoying the beautiful outdoor kitchen area.

We enjoyed drinks outside, then dinner in the swimming pool area. Dinner was gourmet macaroni and cheese, a mushroom/zucchini/tomato casserole, and mixed sausages.

After dinner, we watched old home movies on an ancient 8mm projector. My brother and I (at age 10 and 7) featured in one of them. Fun!

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