Back to Canada

CAMPGROUND: Not! Winnipeg Best Western Hotel

LOCATION: Winnipeg, Manitoba airport

WEATHER: Very nice. Sunny. High 72

We left Devil’s Lake, North Dakota without a lot of rush, and headed toward Winnipeg. It was a 4-hour drive.

Unlike the US/Mexico border, this border already has a wall…..:-)

Immigration was much easier this time, probably because we crossed in a small town, on a rural highway. The only question is why we were bringing the Airstream if we planned to fly. We explained that there were no good flights from a US location going to Grande Prairie, Alberta, so we arranged to fly out of Winnipeg. We are hauling the Airstream, as when we return in a few days we will be going east and south, and don’t want to backtrack.

The landscape in southern Manitoba looks a lot like North Dakota – wheat and hay fields everywhere. The farmers were busy with their huge machinery harvesting their crops.

We arrived at our hotel and parked the Airstream in the Park & Stay lot. Sure hope it will be safe while we are gone! Here is the view from our hotel room…

We had dinner at the hotel’s restaurant – Chicken wings, not too special. An early night as we have to get up at 4:00 AM tomorrow for our flight.

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