Off to be enchanted….

CAMPGROUND: 2nd night at Cottonwood Campground
LOCATION: Theodore Roosevelt National Park in southwestern North Dakota
WEATHER: Hot. High 95

Today’s destination was a day trip to the Enchanted Highway. We knew it was supposed to be hot today, so an air-conditioned car trip seemed in order.

The Enchanted Highway is kind of like Wall Drug – billboards really hyping it up. It is a 32-mile stretch of highway between two towns with 7 huge metals sculptures placed randomly along the way. Billed as the “World’s Largest Metal Sculptures”, they have been constructed with old oil tanks, farm equipment, and wire mesh. These are a few….

Deer Crossing – built in 2002

Tin Family – built in 1991

Grasshoppers in the Field – built in 1999. The grasshopper is 50 feet long and 40 feet tall. In this photo, you can see how small George and our truck look in comparison.

Speaking of grasshoppers……throughout the drive, our windshield was hit repeatedly with huge plops of moist grasshopper guts. We had to stop twice to clean the windshield in order to see out!

A Fisherman’s Dream – built in 2006. Unfortunately two of the fish sculptures in this installation had recently blown over in a storm. When we stopped by, the artist was there with some workers getting it back in order. Of course, George had to chat with the group.

We had planned to cap our trip with lunch at the much-advertised at Enchanted Castle Hotel and Restaurant, but alas, it was closed. So, we drove on to the next larger town for fast food. 😦 We tried Burger King’s new meatless burger. It was actually quite good, but expensive.

On the way back to the campground, we saw two huge herds of bison and a group of wild horses in the national park, along the highway. We stopped at the visitors’ center to look at the Painted Rocks section.

DINNER: Shrimp cocktail as an appetizer, while we waited for the evening to cool down. Then, halibut. I had bought some fish filets before George successfully caught the lake trout. I am trying to use up all the seafood before we leave the Air Stream for a few days when we fly to Alberta soon. I wrapped the halibut (my favorite fish) in aluminum foil with some sesame oil and lemon slices, and George cooked it over the campfire. Sides were stir-fried rice and salad.

BOOK: “For the Sake of Elena” by Elizabeth George. British detective story. Very good. I will try to read more by this author. 9 stars out of 10

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