Don’t Pet the Bison!

CAMPGROUND: Juniper Campground, inside North Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. As with other national campgrounds – limited services and beautiful nature. Water and dump station at entrance. Nice firepit and picnic table. Large sites; ours is pull-through. OK bathrooms, but no showers. Woodsy. $7/night with senior pass. 4 stars out of 5
LOCATION: Not near anything! West central North Dakota
WEATHER: Perfect. High 73. Sunny.

Today’s plan was to move from the South Unit to North Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The two are separated by about 55 miles. As we left the South Unit this morning, we watched this buffalo grazing, right near our campground.

The road north between the two units is bordered by National Grasslands, and lots of lots of hayfields. There is so much hay that they bale the grass on the shoulders of the highway. We wonder who gets this public hay?

This North Unit campground is not very utilized due to its remoteness. We had our pick of about 40 sites. It did fill up a bit later in the day. After we got set up, we took the scenic drive around the park.

These badlands are even more rugged and dramatic than the ones in the South Unit. Part of it is a high prairie, where these buffalo were munching away.

We walked some nature trails and enjoyed the beautiful day.

KARMEN’S KITCHEN TIP: Since I love to cook, I like to carry most of my spices with me. There is a drawer under the oven that is perfect for storing my stash..

I put all the spice jars – oregano, basil, cumin, chili powder, dill, file gumbo, sesame seeds, etc etc in a box.

Once the lid is on night, it fits perfectly on its side in that little cupboard.

I like to find grocery stores that have a bulk section so I can fill up the jars without having to buy new ones, when possible

Our campground has this cute sign posted. Some people just don’t get it, though. At Yellowstone, they pass out flyers in 10 languages warning people to not get close to the bison. Even with that, we heard that a few weeks ago, some dumb parents told their young daughter to go pet the bison for a photo-op. Of course, a disaster ensued. The bison tossed her up in the air, and the parents fled in fear.

DINNER: Back to lake trout. 😦 I pulled out some frozen fillets from the freezer, and made a British fish pie: I layered the fish on the bottom of a Pyrex baking dish. Then layers of — a tin of smoked oysters with its juice, peas, sauteed onions, lemon juice, dollops of cream cheese, all topped with mashed potatoes. Since the evening cooled off, I was able to bake it in the oven without heating up the Air Stream. I told George that I could not face any leftovers, and planned to just toss whatever we didn’t eat. It must have been good, as he asked for seconds and finished it off. I will make fish salad for sandwiches for tomorrow’s lunch.

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