We are going to South Africa!

CAMPGROUND: Another free night at a Harvest Host site – Beaver Creek Brewery
LOCATION: Wibaux, Montana – in southeast part of Montana
WEATHER: Cool/cold and rainy. High 50. Unpleasant

We were so lucky to have stayed at the Harvest Host site at the Wolf Point Museum last night. When they opened this morning, we went back in to use their internet. Same as yesterday, we were the only customers and the place is immense. We went to the back to a quiet spot, and did a Skype housesitting interview with a couple in South Africa. While traveling, it is hard to find a quiet place with internet. A few minutes after the call, they sent us a note accepting us. Yeah! It will be around Christmas. Now, we can start making some travel plans. We hope to do a safari while we are there, too, and hope to find at least one more assignment, to make the trip worthwhile.

Leaving Wolf Point, we took the Big Sky Backroads Highway. As soon as we got on the highway, a deer jumped in front of the truck. It was a really close miss – by just a few inches. Later, we saw a few herds of pronghorn. We saw very few people or cars, though. Really remote!

Lunch was a hearty cup of soup. In the absence of rest stops, we often use closed truck weighing stations to pull over – long, flat, and convenient. I warmed up the soup on the propane stove. It hit the spot.

We arrived at Beaver Creek Brewery, and got settled in in their parking lot for the free overnight stay.

In this little town, there are about 5 bars plus this brewery. Not much else. Part of the brewery is a nice restaurant with a theater. It has a stage and often has a band or a play. Nothing tonight, though.

We found the town’s museum and went on a guided tour. (The tour guide looked like she hadn’t had any customers in a long while, so we thought we would spice up her day). The tour was of the house where the founder, Frenchman Pierre Wibaux, had lived when he came in to town from his cattle ranch.

About 5:00, the brewery and restaurant started filling up. All of the vehicles in the parking lot were dirty pick-ups, and about every man in the restaurant was wearing a cowboy hat.

We really wanted to eat the good-looking pizza served in the brewery or the restaurant’s Saturday night prime rib special, but we have to use up that darned lake trout.

DINNER: Jambalaya – with shrimp, andouille sausage, green pepper, onion, garlic, and guess what…..chuncks of lake trout! Served over rice.

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