In the Montana boonies

CAMPGROUND: – Not a campground, but a Harvest Host museum. In their parking lot. Free.
LOCATION: Wolf Point, Montana – in far northeast Montana
WEATHER: Very nice. High 80.

We putzed around Downstream Campground at Fort Peck Reservoir in the morning, and took a 2- mile hike on their nature trail. We roused two large deer. Very nice.

George did his morning yoga routine. Here he is stretching before the exercises. He wears the weirdest clothes combinations!

We only had about 50 miles to go today. Our route took us on Highway 2 – which goes to Minnesota, so we are feeling closer to home! Most of the drive was through an Indian reservation. We stopped at a historic wayside pull-out for a picnic lunch (guess what – fish salad sandwich).. There we read about how smallpox almost wiped the Indians out here.

On to Wolf Point. This town is also part of the Indian reservation, and many people here are obviously Native American. Our Harvest Host site is the town’s museum parking lot. Through, we have stayed (free) at wineries, breweries, and organic farms. This is our first time at a museum. Since it was a hot afternoon, we spent about 2 hours in the museum (very well-done) looking at their offerings, basking in their air conditioning, and using their strong wifi. One of their exhibits….

We walked downtown, under the railroad track, to the town’s brewery. We met the brewer (the owner’s daughter). The server said that this brewery has the largest display of growlers in Montana. We gave them one of ours for their collection, and in turn, they gave us one of theirs – filled with IPA!

We checked out their back patio where a lot of hops were blooming.

The owner and his wife arrived and invited us to join them on the patio. The owner is the town’s only physician. The tasting room is thus called “Doc’z”. He and George seemed to be kindred spirits, and had a long conversation.

Back at the Airstream, the museum staff had gone home, so we had the fairly large parking lot to ourselves.

We set up our propane stove and cooked (what else?) the remaining lake trout. We have A LOT of trout now in the freezer, plus some halibut that I bought before I knew about this fishing trip.

DINNER: Fish burgers, with some of the lake trout. I made them like I make salmon burgers – flaked fish, bread crumbs, mayo, mustard, and eggs. Sides were French fries and cabbage slaw – the last of that darned, big cabbage taking up room in my refrigerator!

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