Here, fishy fishy

CAMPGROUND: 3rd (and last) night at Downstream Army Corps of Engineers Campground. We continue to like this campground. It is so spread out that we don’t hear neighbors.
LOCATION: Northeast Montana, not far from Canadian border.
WEATHER: Really nice. Mostly sunny. High 75

Today’s mission was to catch fish!

We had arranged a half-day charter fishing trip. We met a fellow Air Streamer in the campground and he went with us, splitting the cost. It seems expensive, but compared to owning and maintaining a boat, it is a good deal. Besides, when you go with a professional, you are almost guaranteed to catch fish.

Almost everyone in our campground has a boat and they alll go out fishing each day. We had to get up early to meet our guide. Everyone else already seemed to be up and getting ready to go, too. We met our guide at 6:30 AM to start our fishng experience.

We had told him that we hoped to catch walleye and Northern pike. So, he took us to the area where they are supposed to be, and we fished with certain rods, weights, and doohickeys on the fishing pole (the guide has a LOT of thingies). I didn’t fish, but enjoyed my book while the guys fished. After about 2 hours, George caught a tiny pike, not big enough to keep. So, we went to another area in the lake and tried again. One got off, but nothing else. So, we went to a 3rd aread to try to catch lake trout, which are abundent in the lake. These are bottom fish, so the guide put on huge cannon-ball-like weights and the line went way down. Here, we had luck. George caught two – one about 8 pounds and the other 15. Here he George, bringing in the whopper…

Scott, our Airstreamer friend, caught a 12-pounder.

Here is a happy guy….

With that success, we headed in around noon. The guide cleaned the fish, and recommended that we soak the trout in milk before cooking. A lot of people won’t eat trout because of its fishy flavor. The entire catch….

We had lunch with Scott at the marina, then returned to the campground. We soaked the fish while George napped.

We have a lot of fish to cook up and freeze. The guide said that trout doesn’t freeze well (I think he meant raw.) We will cook the rest tomorrow night, and then freeze everything we can’t use up soon. I am frantically thinking of how to use it up before we fly out next week.

DINNER: Lake trout, of course! We grilled two big fillets over the campfire.
PHOTO fish on fire
They turned out really well – not sure if it was due to the milk soaking or not. Not too strong. Sides were rice and sauteed cabbage.

BOOK: I finished another book that I had picked up at a campground library. A detective book – “Remains of Innocence” by J.A. Jance. I have read most of her others. Easy reading. 8 out of 10

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