Exploring Fort Peck Lake

CAMPGROUND: 2nd night at Downstream Army Corps of Engineers Campground

LOCATION: Northeast Montana. Closest town is Glasgow

WEATHER: Very pleasant. High 78

Our campground has a very nice, 2-mile nature trail that we hiked in the morning. It was good to get some much-needed exercise.

Our site is so nice – really spacious.

We checked out a few campgrounds in the area as we have to move on Friday. Some are BLM (Bureau of Land Management) that are free, no-service areas. Others are Army Corps of Engineers for either $2.50 or $9 per night, with our senior discount.

We stopped at the marina for a drink on the deck and for some wifi…

From there, we stopped in the village of Fort Peck. Most of it is under water, after the dam was built. All that is remaining is an old wood hotel and surprisingly, a summer theatre. We stopped at the hotel and chatted with some other customers on the deck.

DINNER: Wouldn’t you know it…..I bought some frozen fish filets the last time we went grocery shopping – halibut, sole, and mahi mahi. Now, we are planning a fishing trip tomorrow, so I had better empty out the freezer in preparation. So, tonight, we had stuffed sole, Stove-Top stuffing, and Asian vegetables. There was a lot of fish left over, so I made fish salad sandwiches for our fishing trip tomorrow.

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