Snow in August?

CAMPGROUND: 2nd night at Conastoga Campground
LOCATION: White Sulphur Springs, Montana – in south central part of state
WEATHER: Cool. High 60. Cloudy in AM; Thunderstorms in PM

Today’s plan was a day trip to Gates of the Mountains Wilderness Area. As we drove through the Helena National Forest and the city of Helena, we saw some white stuff on the ground. We wonderingly asked “Is that snow?” We said, “no, it couldn’t be” and assumed that it was cottonwood puffs. As we traveled on, we saw that the white stuff was melting. We finally realized that the thunderstorm we experienced during the night had been a huge hail and snow storm in this area. Wow!

Several people had recommended Gates of the Mountains boat ride to us.

It is a big reservoir that had been part of the Missouri River when Lewis and Clark explored here.

The two-hour boat ride was very informative and beautiful.

As we ended up the trip, serious black clouds started blowing in. We were happy to be back on shore.

We drove through heavy rain back to Helena, where we had lunch at the Lewis & Clark Brewpub. (We thought that was appropriate since we heard so much of their history on the boat ride).

Back at the campground, we took advantage of the comforts here – laundry and showers, as we leave all this tomorrow.

KARMEN’S KITCHEN TIP: Tonight’s dinner included chicken. I had thawed the remaining chicken thigh that George had grilled last week. This is the 4th meal from the chicken thigh package. Each time I used the chicken, I froze the bones and skin. Today, since it was cool, I made chicken broth. Slow-cooking the bones and skin for about an hour turned the Airstream cozy and warm. I will use the broth soon for rice and/or grits.

DINNER: Flatbread again. I had planned something else, but we couldn’t cook outside due to the heavy rain, so went with this menu idea. Tonight’s version of flatbreads was Mexican. I toasted the lavash (flatbread piece) on the George Foreman grill. To assemble, I slathered on salsa, and topped it with chicken pieces, bell pepper, onion, and cheese. I zapped it in the microwave to melt the cheese and to warm everything up. I served it with cilantro. Salad and corn on the cob on the side. Muy bueno! (3 more flatbreads to go in the freezer!) šŸ™‚

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