Montana Belly-Washer

CAMPGROUND: Conestoga Campground/RV Park. Commercial park with about 40 sites. Not much shade, but since it is cool, that is not a problem. Many of the rigs seem to be here for the summer. Nice clubhouse with friendly staff. Very clean bathrooms. Grassy, all pull-through sites. Electricity and water. Some sites are full hook-ups. Good wifi. Good TV reception – including PBS. Yeah! $34/night. Picnic table, but no firepit. 4 stars out of 5
LOCATION: White Sulphur Springs, Montana – in central part of state
WEATHER: Cool. High 70. Thunderstorms in the evening

We said goodbye to our 3 nights at Greek Creek Campground in the Gallatin National Forest. We enjoyed our time in this beautiful forest.

Our destination today was about 2 hours away. First, we drove on a narrow, winding road through a huge canyon – for about 60 miles. Some scary curves. Then, another 60 miles of cattle ranges. This is really remote. Ranch houses are about 50 miles from each other. Hayfields as far as your eye can see. No gas stations; no other cars for miles and miles.

White Sulphur Springs is about the only town around. Its claim to fame is its hot springs. The campground had been recommended to us, and it is a good central point for us.

Setting up was easy-peasy since it is a pull-through, flat site. After getting settled, we walked into town. We checked out the hot springs, trying to decide whether to go there or not. Then, we found the town’s micro-brewery (of course).

We chattted with the owner, a former cattle ranger who liked to brew beer in his garage, and then opened this very popular, friendly brewery. He has 2 basset hounds that he adores, so all the decor is dog-oriented. We found out that his daughter is an RN at Mayo Clinic, where we used to work.

The town has an annual festival called Ants in Your Pants. One of the shops in town has the same name, and uses this vintage Airstream for shows.

We saw this camper – maybe our next RV after the Airstream???

Back at the campground, we enjoyed some PBS. The sky began to darken so we decided to do our outdoor cooking early. Without a firepit, George cooked on our gas grill.

DINNER: Brats (from the grill), fried potato wedges, and sauteed cabbage.

George braved the thunderstorm, and ran into the clubhouse to join others for an ice cream social. It was quite a storm, with a lot of lighting, thunder, and rain. We stayed safe and dry inside the Airstream.

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