Ghost Town Fun

CAMPGROUND: Rambling Moose Campground and RV. Small, commercial park with about 30 sites. New owners are updating everything. Spacious sites with some shade. Water and electricity at each site. Some pull-throughs. Dump station. Immaculate and new showers/bathroom. Firepit and picnic table at each site, a nice touch for a commercial park. Extremely friendly owners. Wifi. $38/night less a veterans’ discount. An interesting note – a $10 fine is charged to campers leaving garbage in the firepits. This is such a good idea. We get tired of cleaning out broken glass and beer cans from firepits that stupid people have tossed in. 5 stars out of 5. (This is the first 5 I have given on this trip!)

LOCATION: About 80 miles north of Yellowstone. It is on the historic “Vigilante Trail” that connects Glacier National Park to Yellowstone — would be a nice route for travellers — and this could be a nice place from which to make day trips to Yellowstone, as the ones closer in are crowded and not nearly as pleasant.

WEATHER: Perfect! Cool in the AM and evening. High 83

We took our time at the Three Forks Campground with a slow breakfast and a last glimpse of TV for awhile (unfortunately about the horrors of the shootings in the US). We hit the road with only about 100 miles to drive today.

The drive took us through several small towns. We stopped at one to have lunch in their shady city park. So nice!

TODAY’S WILDLIFE SPOTTING: A herd of pronghorn (often erroneously called antelope).

As we got closer to Virginia City, we started seeing lots of rocks along the river which gold prospectors had dug up searching for gold in the 1800s. We passed through another ghost town, Nevada City, which we plan to explore tomorrow. Then, through Virginia City, a well-preserved Old West mining town.

We got set up and chatted with another Air Streamer for a bit. Today marks our 6th anniversary of being on the road (see previous post). We asked the campground owner to take our photo to commerate the event.

We had an early dinner so that we could go into town to explore before the Brewery Follies we planned to attend in the evening.

DINNER: Since we were in a rush, it was not fancy at all tonight. George was hankering for a BLT. I made some vegetable beef soup -by jazzing up the canned kind with local potato bits and mushrooms. Due to limited cupboard space, I don”t have a lot of fancy cookware. I do have a tiny George Foreman grill that I love. I used it for George’s BLT tonight, and often use it for paninis and toast.

We drove into town (about a half mile) and wandered around the main street. This was a very vibrant city in the goldmining times. After the gold ran out in the mid 1800s, many people left, but others stayed and have preserved the town. Some of the buildings are in use as shops and restaurants.

The entire town is on the Historic Registry and all of the buildings have plaques describing their history

George liked this old car.

We glanced in one of the town’s saloons, the oldest bar in Montana. Maybe we can stop by tomorrow for a Montana micro-brew.

Then, on to the Brewery Follies. It is a “comedy cabaret” with performances in the town’s former brewery, the oldest in Montana.

When we arrived, two guys sold us our tickets and seated us. Two women were bartenders and servers. When the show started, these 4 morphed into the show’s only actors. They were amazing, with constant hair and costume changes. The show was pretty politically incorrect – songs and jokes making fun of politics, religion, sex, drugs, and the weather. One couple actually got up and left after the first raunchy song. It was a fun, two-hour show. We are glad we went.

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