Happy 6-years for ReidsontheRoad!

Today marks our anniversary of being on the road for 6 years. Six years ago, George picked me up from my office on my last day of work (I worked furiously right up to the end). We had sold our house and all of our houseshold goods. Everything we owned had to fit into our trailer and Honda Pilot. We innocently started out in a tiny A-Liner pop-up trailer. We did not get a storage unit. We lived 6 months in this tiny space, happy as clams. When we hit cold weather after 6 months, we moved up to a 22-foot Airstream travel trailer, then eventually to our current 25-foot Airstream Flying Cloud.

We have criss-crossed North America -camping in most of the Canadian provinces, all of the US states except Hawaii, and parts of Mexico. Every time that we think we have seen a lot, someone recommends another place to visit.

About 4 years ago, we discovered the joys of housesitting. At first, it was just to have a little break from the highway, and we did a few assignments around the US, sometimes taking our Airstream with us, and sometimes storing it while housesitting. We use http://www.trustedhousesitters.com to find assignments. We liked housesitting so much so that we started doing it internationally. We have had assignments in England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Bangkok, Singapore, US Virgin Islands, and Panama. It is a great way to travel the world, and really get to know an area, rather than just being a tourist. We are applying now for assignments in South Africa and South America. Who knows!

When we are not on the road in the Airstream or housesitting, we live a few months a year in a tiny house we had built in South Texas. It caters to RVers by offering lots with full hook-ups, with tiny houses like ours, as well as port homes and “regular” houses. We like it — Retama Village.

I write a daily blog describing our traveling adventures. It includes a critique of the campground, when applicable, for future reference, lots of photos, and our dinner menu. With a hobby of cooking, I write about the challenges of cooking interesting foods within the confines of travel – small refrigerator and freezer, limited cooking utensils, and the challenge of cooking over a campfire when we can. Check it out….www.reidsontheroadwithjoy.wordpress.com.

The best part about traveling is meeting people….the world is full of great folks! Every day is an adventure. We hope to continue this lifestyle for several more years!!

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