Last Chance Gulch

CAMPGROUND: 3rd night at Goose Bay Marina. An additional star reduction…..$.50 for a 3-minute shower; $6 to dump
LOCATION: Southwest Montana, near Helena
WEATHER: Mostly sunny. High 93. Verry windy

Today was our day to explore Helena, about 30 miles away. My book “Thousand Places to Go Before You Die” recommends Last Chance Gulch in Helena, so off we went. We had vague plans to visit this gulch, check out a brewpub or two, have lunch, do laundry, and buy groceries.

First, we had to drive our 3-mile tortuous gravel road to the highway.

Not certain where we were going, we went to Last Chance Gulch Road in the downtown area, and found a public parking lot. After parking, we looked up, and what did we see….

We learned that Last Chance Gulch was named after some guys from Georgia who tried to find gold in “these here” parts. They were just about ready to give up when they found some here. So, the street was named Last Chance Gulch and has now been turned into a very nice pedestrian mall.

This sculpture tells the story.

The mall is full of cute shops, restaurants, and yes, another brewpub we had to check out.

As we walked along Last Chance Gulch, a free city trolley stopped by and we hopped on to get a little tour of the city.

We had lunch in another brewpub and enjoyed conversation with the brewmaster who is also an outdoor enthusiast. He recommended some more places for us to visit while we are in the area.

After doing our other city chores, we returned to the campground. On our way back, we spotted two elk grazing.

We made a campfire to cook dinner, but the wind kept blowing it out. We blocked the wind with the pick-up, and finally got it hot enough to cook on.

DINNER: Grilled ahi tuna steaks. To finish them off, I wrapped them in aluminum foil with limes and sauce, and placed the bundles next to the coals. Sides were grilled asparagus, and a package of quinoa with kale. Very gourmet!

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