Relaxing near Montana lakes

CAMPGROUND: 3rd night at Logan State Park
LOCATION: Northwest Montana – about 30 miles west of Kalispell
WEATHER: Every day is about the same – quite cool (40s) at night and warm (83) during the day

We took a hike along the lake. There are so many lakes in the region that none of them is very crowded. Only a few boats were out.

Then, we decided to take a drive around the lake that we are camped on – Middle Thompson. We took a picnic and enjoyed a sandwich along the lake.

Back at the campground, we stopped to chat with the owners of a vintage Airstream – a 1967 tiny one. They bought it in bad condition, gutted it and have restored it very nicely. Then, they and their friends came over to see our Airstream. They are very chatty, and suddenly we realized that the afternoon had whizzed by.

The campers here are super concerned about pack rats. Almost everyone leaves their car hood open to keep the rats out, as they supposedly like to hide around the engine and chew the wires. George thinks it is foolish and stubbornly refuses to keep our hood open. Wanna-be helpful neighbors stop by and warn us about the rats. Let’s just hope that the pick-up truck engine starts tomorrow when we get ready to leave!

DINNER: Tonight was Sarah’s turn. She made chili out of the leftover bison chuck roast. She also made cornbread and rice. I brought the appetizer – pita chips with avocado spread. All very tasty. We made a fire after dinner, chatting about our next adventures. We said goodbye to Sarah and Richard, as we are getting an early start tomorrow. It has been fun getting together with them.

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