Beautiful Montana lakes and trees

CAMPGROUND: Logan State Park. Woodsy, on lake. Site is nice – gravel and level. Electricity only. $34/night. $3 for showers! 😦 4 stars out of 5

LOCATION: 30 miles west of Kalispell, in northwest part of Montana

WEATHER: Beautiful. Cool in AM and evening/night. Warm/hot during day. High 76

We drove about 3 hours north and west, passing by miles and miles of shoreline of beautiful Flathead Lake, the largest natural lake in the West.

We stopped for lunch at a brewpub along the lake. The food and beer were great, but the service was poor – They told us that they just can’t find enough help in the busy, tourist season.

We found our campground and got set up. We are on McGregor Lake. Our friends from Texas, Richard and Sarah, are here with us.

The lake is crystal clear. I want to try the swimming beach, but the water is 67 degrees.

DINNER: Sarah did all the cooking and cleaning up tonight. With her beloved Insta-Pot, she made a dinner that reminded me of Sunday dinners of long ago, except the meat was bison, not beef It was a roast with the meat, potatoes, and carrots. Dessert was Flathead cherries.

After dinner, the wind died down and the mosquitoes came out. We made a campfire to keep them away. A very pleasant evening!

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