Cool Missoula

CAMPGROUND: 2nd night at Jocko Hollow RV Park
LOCATION: Just outside Missoula, in west central part of Montana
WEATHER: A bit hot – high 90. Sunny

Today was city day. First we took the pick-up into the Dodge dealership for service – oil change, etc. While they were working on the truck, we enjoyed their free coffee and strong internet.

What a coincidence – Big Sky Brewery is right next door!

We checked it out. We were here 2 years ago and camped (free) through Harvest Hosts in their parking lot. Unfortunately, their tasting room was under renovation then so we couldn’t enter. Today, however, it was open and hopping. We filled our growler for $8. (Often a growler fill-up is as much as $20).

The bartender was serving a new beer – a stout with a roasted marshmallow on top.

Then, we went downtown to find lunch and to explore. Missoula has a really cool vibe. Lots of young people on bikes. Dilapidated school buses converted to rafting transportation drive through the city. Funky shops and interesting restaurants, most with outdoor seating, line the streets. It must be even more interesting when the Univ of Montana students return in the fall.

We found another brewpub for lunch. Unlike most brewpubs with standard burgers and fries on the menu, this one offered Southern food and interesting apps. We shared a dish of charred brussels sprouts with feta, and a big bowl of curry-spiced hot boiled peanuts. Fun!

After downtown, we drove to mall to do a bit of shopping. The flowers in front were magnificent.

With all of our “to-dos” checked off, we returned to the Airstream. Our friends Sarah and Richard from Retama Village (where our tiny house is) are also spending the summer traveling in Montana. We had arranged to meet up for a few days. They arrived in the RV park and got settled in.

DINNER: We had a communal dinner with our friends – each contributing something – porkchops, 2 different kinds of sauerkraut, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, and scalloped potatoes. Nice!

BOOK: I finished Kristin Hannah’s “Nightengale”. The last book I read of hers took place in brutally cold and rugged Alaska. This one, in France during WWII. The author does an excellent job of making you feel like you are right there. 10 stars.

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