Hell is not so bad!

CAMPGROUND: 2nd night, Riverside RV Park

LOCATION: Hell’s Canyon – Riggins, Idaho

WEATHER: Hazy. Hot, of course – 100

We went to bed with the A/C on as it was still hot. In the middle of the night, it had cooled down so we opened up all the windows. How delightful! Cool breezes and the sound of rushing water just under our bedroom window.

This is the view from our kitchen doorway. We had breakfast on the river. I don’t usually talk about breakfasts. We often have fruit and cereal. Sometimes an egg. Usually grits on Sundays (George’s custom). Today was special. We had scrambled eggs with mushrooms. George had bacon. We spread some of our friend Jack’s smoked Walla Walla sweet onion jam on top. Wow! There is a little jam left which we will put on a baked potato one evening.

The landscaping in this RV park is remarkable. The owner came by to chat and to water the grass. He told us that his 93-year-old father lives in a house on the property, and told us to check out his super garden….

As we walked into town, we quickly saw why he has such a tall fence around the garden….there are deer everywhere roaming in people’s yards.

The town of Riggins is mostly a strip of restaurants and motels along the highway. Surprisingly, this town of 400 has two brew pubs. We went to the first one called Heaven’s Gate (of course)

I bet in the winter time that locals flock here for get-togethers. The huge dining room has a disco ball and there is a cozy wood-burning fireplace. The owners told us not to go to the 2nd brewery, saying that they are “pedophiles, rapists, and stage midget fights”. We checked it out anyway. Very strange. We walked in, stood around for about 15 minutes, called out, but no one ever showed up. Maybe midget fighting in the back?!

Back at the campsite, we rested inside while the day was at its hottest, then walked down to the river. George tried his luck at fly-fishing…

No luck with the fishing, but I enjoyed a dip in the river.

DINNER: Chili and a salad. It wasn’t too smart on my part to serve such a cold-weather dish, but I had planned this a while ago, when the weather was cooler. It was pretty tasty.

BOOK: I quickly read and finished a thriller by Karin Slaughter – “Pieces of Her”. A real page-turner. 9 stars out of 10

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