A great get-together with traveling friends

CAMPGROUND: 2nd night at Winchester Lake State Park
LOCATION: Winchester, Idaho – in west central part of state
WEATHER: Very nice. Chilly in the AM; (George even turned on the heater!!) Sunny and warm – 80 in PM

George wanted to watch the end of the British Open Golf Tournament, so we walked to the town of Winchester, only about 1/2 mile away, to a bar & grill that has TVs. I used their internet a bit, and George watched the game. The tournament is taking place at a rugged course in northern Ireland. We are trying to remember when/why we went there once.

Winchester seems like a cowboy town. This gun hangs above its main street….

Our highlight today was a visit from a couple we met through housesitting – Darcy and Jack. They live in Walla Walla, Washington. They drove over here, about 2 hours, with their beautiful dog Genji. We think Genji remembers us a bit!

Jack is a gourmet cook and brought all the fixings for a great fish dish. While the rockfish was marinating in a tandoori rub, we sipped on chilled gazpacho, and caught up on each other’s adventures. They do housesitting all over the world like we do. They have the additional challenge of finding a housesitter for their home and for Genji when they do an assignment. They will be going to Portugal and England soon for their next ones. I am hoping that we can get one in South Africa or South America this winter. I keep looking in the daily email that I receive from http://www.trustedhousesitters.com with the latest assignments.

Jack topped his fish with a mix of cilantro, red onions, and mango slices. It was beautiful and delicious.

The afternoon whizzed by with a lot of conversation and cooking – Jack doing the prep and George cooking the fish on our new gas grill.

They left us with leftover fish and a gift of Walla Walla sweet onion jam — can’t wait to try it out!

DINNER: We didn’t want a lot to eat as lunch had been so big and good. I had marinated some chicken pieces in yogurt with herbs and George grilled it. Since it was rotisserie chicken, it was already cooked, so the grilling was just to heat it up and to add flavors. I don’t think we will ever do raw chicken on the grill again — too hard to get it cooked thoroughly without burning the outside. Side dish was potato salad.

The campground has emptied out, since it is Sunday. It was a quiet evening with a campfire.

BOOK: I finished “Gallows View” by Peter Robinson. It is part of a British detective series. I like it because it takes place in a town near where we had a housesitting assignment – in the Yorkshire Dales. 9 out of 10 stars.

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