Idaho Beauty

CAMPGROUND: Winchester Lake State Park Campground. Sites not on lake, but close by. Woodsy, private sites. Level and gravel. Firepit and picnic table. Electricity and water. Super clean pit toilet next to our site, with good shower room not far away. $38/night. 4 stars.
LOCATION: Not far from Lewiston and Cottonwood – in west central Idaho
WEATHER: Beautiful. Heating up as we drove, but our campground is at 3000+ feet, so nice and cool. High 80

We got all cleaned up, dumped our grey and black water, and did all the laundry, taking advantage of the Coeur d’ Alene’s RV park amenities. We won’t be back in civilization for awhile.

We chose to go on one of the many Idaho scenic byways rather than the faster route. The GPS lady did NOT like that. She kept telling us to make a u-turn. Ignoring her, we enjoyed magnificent views. Along the White Mountain Scenic Byway, we stopped for lunch among the pines.

When we are traveling during the day, we generally picnic. I try not to just make sandwiches all of the time – 1) we don’t need all that bread, 2) cold cuts are not good for us, and 3) we need variety. So, today was kind of interesting. I spread crackers with cream cheese, sprinkled on a few capers, and topped the crackers with some smoked salmon.

Our internal GPS system (in our heads) alerted us to a brewpub in one of the towns we passed through. (not! – it was in the beer guide book). Nestled in a valley, the town of 300 people is on the historic registry. The brewpub is gorgeous inside – the owners have put a lot of money in restoring the old hardware store.

There were signs in all of the storefronts about a historic walking tour one could take.

We pulled into the campground at about 3:00, noting the “Campground Full” sign. Thankfully, we had reservations. I hate having to plan ahead and reserve sites, but in the summer season, it is almost a necessity.

Our site is beautiful. We are right next to the woods.

As we stood in front of the fire, gazing at the sunbeams streaming through the trees, George said: “The only thing that would make this more perfect is if a deer came by”. Wouldn’t you know it…..2 seconds later when we looked again, a deer was posing among the pines. Wow!

DINNER: A real camping dinner…..George grilled porkchops on the fire. I boiled some corn-on-the-cob, and he finished them up on the grill for grill marks. He pan-fried some potato wedges on the grill (afterall we are in Idaho!)

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