Lovin’ Coeur d’ Alene

CAMPGROUND: 2nd night at Tamarack RV.
LOCATION: Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho
WEATHER: A little rainy in AM; perfect in PM. High 76

We goofed off in the AM since it was a bit rainy – doing internet things and making reservations for upcoming locations. I made chicken broth from the rotisserie chicken bones, then used it for soup for lunch. Very cozy!

When the sun came out, we drove downtown, about a mile away, and stopped at the Visitor Center for info. The little volunteer ladies there loaded us up! We strolled around the lakefront – it is so beautiful.

The resort dominates the lakefront. Their marina is the largest floating dock in the world. At .75 miles, we walked its perimeter.

At the end of the loop is a nice park with a cabin owned by the city’s Rotary Club. They lease it out as a lakeside bar and grill – great idea for revenue for a Club! (Reminding me of my days in Rotary)

The downtown is full of cute shops and restaurants.

Then, we checked out one of the city’s brewpubs. When we arrived, we realized that we had been here before – during our visit here with our Nova Scotia friends. We did the usual – I had an IPA (one of 7 IPAs on tap) and George a stout).

Back at the Airstream, we watched the evening news. It is nice to catch up with the world – especially on the multiple PBS stations.

DINNER: We walked to a restaurant that had caught our eye – a seafood market that is also a restaurant. It was super! We will probably return to buy fresh fish one night to cook ourselves, but tonight we sat at their sushsi bar and gobbled up some really good sushi. We haven’t had any in ages. As they say in Japan – Ooishikata!

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