Out of the woods to a city..

CAMPGROUND: Tamarack RV Park. Sewer, 50-amp, water, wifi, cable, laundry. Pretty good shade and trees for a city park. A bit crowded, but neighbors are considerate. Great location if needing a city. $47/night. Picnic table, but no fire ring. 3 stars out of 5

LOCATION: Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho – in north central part of state

WEATHER: Very nice. High 73

We left the lovely Yaak River and drove about 150 miles south on the Wild Horse Trail Scenic Byway. It was indeed quite scenic. We stopped for a picnic lunch along one of the lakes near the highway. We were here a few years ago with our friends Tony and Jenny, but there were a lot of forest fires, making visibility poor. So far, this year, we have been lucky with no fires.

We got settled into the RV park. We selected this for a week, as we wanted a change of pace to an urban setting for awhile.

We took a drive around the city center. It is very upscale and pretty.

We are anxious to check it out further. We spotted quite a few cool-looking shops and restaurants. Did I mention that there are about 5 breweries here?

As it started raining a bit around dinner time, we decided to cook inside. I used the oven, which I rarely do, since it was not hot. (As the oven heats up the Airstream).

DINNER: I wanted to try a flatbread recipe that I had picked up but 1) the grocery store did not have any flatbreads and 2) we don’t have a campfire to cook it on. So, I improvised…..I sliced a French baguette long-wise and toasted it in a Pyrex glass casserole dish. Then, I added bits of rotisserie chicken, sauteed red pepper and onion, and BBQ sauce. I topped it with pepper cheese. Pretty darn good, I might say!

We don’t know what time it is. We think we moved to Pacific time when we crossed into Idaho, but our devices all say something differrent, and the TV says something even more different. Who cares?

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