A fabulous drive in the Kootenai Forest

CAMPGROUND: Yaak River National Forest Service Campground. On the Yaak River. As with most NFS campgrounds, there are no services. Flat, paved sites far apart. Huge fire ring and nice picnic table. Pit toilet even smells ok! $5/night with senior pass. 5 stars out of 5
LOCATION: In far NW Montana. Near Troy
WEATHER: Perfect. Sunny. High 73

Another nice night sleeping with the windows wide open. This time, we heard loons calling all night long. How cool!

We packed up and said goodbye to Kokumon River Provincial Park in British Columbia, and headed to the US border, about 20 miles away. This time, we had no troubles at all with Immigration, and managed to get a decent border agent who even welcomed us back to the USA.

Our drive was spectacular. We followed a road cut on the side of a mountain that first paralleled Koccosa Lake, then Kootenai River.

We had heard that gas is more expensive in British Columbia than in Alberta (where it is a mere $4/gallon). So, we had filled up in Alberta a few days ago. George’s plan was to make it to Montana for cheaper US gas. There were no gas stations near the border. 😦 Then, the first town we came to had gas, but at $2.89/gallon, it was too expensive for George. So on we went.

We drove through all National Forest Service land so it is pristine, not developed at all. We stopped at the Libby Dam for some dam good photos. 🙂

As we passed through the small town of Libby (me searching frantically for a gas station), we spotted a sign shouting to us “Brewery”, so off we went. First things first!

It was really a nice one with very friendly people. We shared a panini and sampled their beers. Now that we are across the border, we filled our growler.

Then, we found gas. Still not cheap, but a tank was $65 compared to $100 that we have been paying in Canada.

A short distance farther, we found the campground that I had seen on the map. What a lucky find!!! A few sites were filled, but the primo, river-front, pull-through site was just waiting for us. We happily paid our $5 and pulled in.

We followed the path from our site down to the ice-cold river. Really beautiful.

George even got his feet wet!

We walked around the campground; we scavenged some firewood from previous campers, and then met a fellow Texan. Traveling alone, I think he was lonely, so he talked our heads off. He stopped by our site later, and talked even more! While he talked, George drank some of the Yaak Attack IPA from the growler we had filled at the brewery.

DINNER: Necessity is the mother of invention, or so they say. I made some soup using a can of wild mushroom soup, homemade chicken broth, chunks of sausage, and leftover canned peas. (We couldn’t bring any fresh veg across the border and we haven’t had a chance to shop yet in the US). We cooked it over our campfire. Quite nice! Tomorrow, grocery shopping is definitely on the to-do list.

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