A perfect day in Fernie (well, almost)

CAMPGROUND: 2nd night at Kalipell Campground, part of Kikomun Provincial Park
LOCATION: SE British Columbia
WEATHER: Cool in the AM; hot in PM, cool again in the evening

We slept with all the windows open. Unlike most RVs, we have windows on all 4 sides, so we can enjoy a nice breeze from all directions. During the night, we listened to the coyotes.

After tidying up, we left our campsite and checked out the other 3 campgrounds in the park. Two are on nice lakes; all are packed.

Then, we drove back in to Fernie, about 30 miles away, since it had seemed like such a cute town. First stop, of course, was the brewery.

Since the weather was perfect, we took our tasty beers (an IPA and a stout) out to the deck.

The brewery faces the highway, and we were watching RVs and logging trucks go by. Suddenly a deer jumped out of the trees. Everyone on the deck watched him zip along. Then, we all yelled “Don”t do it!” as the lovely creature dashed into the highway. The sound of it colliding with an RV was horrific. We all gasped as the now halfway dead deer bounced down on the road. We were all shocked, standing there in horror, even though we have obviously all seen dead deer on the road before. It was just too personal this time.

We reported the incident to the brewery staff and asked them to call it in. Soon a policeman arrived, stopped traffic in all directions, pulled out his gun, and shot the deer twice. It was the humane thing to do, but the shots reverberating in the air were unreal. The deer twitched a bit, then it was over.

Now shaken, we finished our beers, and went into the downtown. Fernie is a resort town, especially busy during the ski season. It is a town for sports enthusiasts. Every other shop was a bicycle shop, or a healthfood store, or one selling athletic gear. The residents looked tanned, thin, and muscular.

We found a cute place for lunch. We shared a flatbread that I would like to replicate some time – seemed like it would be easy to make. The flatbread was covered with a garlic white sauce. On top of that were slices of pickled red onion, grilled portabello mushrooms, slivers of parmesan, and mounds of arugula which I love.

At the restaurant, I followed this sign to the loo.

This will be the last time I see it called this, as we are leaving the land of Canadian “washrooms” for the American “restrooms” tomorrow. Both words are a bit strange when you think about it.

Back at the park, we stopped in one of the other campgrounds to use their showers. These campgrounds have no services – no water, electricity, or sewer hook-ups. It is called boondocking when you camp off grid. If we are careful with water use, we can go about 4 days boondocking.

DINNER: The afternoon sun gets really intense here, and our site has no shade. Not wanting to heat up the Airstream, George cooked dinner on our new gas grill. We had homemade salmon burgers and Asian-style broccoli.

After dinner when it cooled off, we made a fire, using up all of our firewood, as we can not transport it to the USA tomorrow. We don”t have any fresh fruit, and only a few beers left, so we shouldn’t encounter any issues at the border tomorrow. Let’s hope!

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