Into the Rockies

CAMPGROUND: Kalispell Trail Camground in the Kikumon Creek Provincial Park. Some sites are right next to the lake. Ours is one row in, still with a view. Pit (but nice) toilets. No services. Gray water dump areas. Picnic table with ledge for grill built in. Firepit. Gravel sites. $28/night. 4 stars out of 5
LOCATION: In the Kootenai Ridge area, in far southeast British Columbia. Only a few miles from Montana
WEATHER: Surprisingly hot for the mountains. Sunny. High 89

We left sunny Fort Macleod and headed west, straight into the Rocky Mountains. The drive was beautiful. First, we passed huge fields of hay and canola. We passed the turnoff to Waterton National Park. If we ever come back here, Fort Macleod would be a good base for day trips there.

There were lots of signs for wildlife, but we didn’t see any. As we drove west, the scenery became more dramatic.

We passed through cute mountain towns, including one that had a huge, famous landslide years ago. Rocks were everywhere. Then, we passed a town with the “world’s largest truck”, from the coal-mining years.

Our destination was Fernie, British Columbia. It is a popular tourist place year-round, with lots of skiing in the winter. The private downtown campground (at $100/night) was completely booked. The Mount Fernie provincial park was full with reserved sites, but the website had said that there were a few first come-first served sites. After a frustrating attempt to find the FCFS ones, finally finding them already occupied, we gave up. I found this Kikumon provincial park in our guidebook, so we headed there. It is a much bigger park, with 170 sites. Surely, there would be one for us?

We drove another 30 miles or so to this provincial park. At least this one has a park ranger to talk to. She said all their reservable sites were full, but there might be one or two left in the first come-first served campground. So, we drove to the end of the road and found this beautiful campground, right on the lake. We grabbed the next to the last site. It is a double site, with campers’ stuff like a grill and chairs sitting on their side of the site. After we got settled in, neighbors told us that it was quite strange that these campers never showed up. So, we had a double site all to ourselves! Just beautiful!

We hiked around the lake and took a drive down to the river.

It is quite peaceful here, and all the campers seem very nice.

DINNER: Time to get creative, with the refrigerator almost bare……We made a campfire and cooked outside as it was so hot. George grilled some frozen Polish sausage links for me. I added onion and sauerkraut. Sides were mashed potatoes and canned peas. Not too shabby!

Neighbors invited us to join them around their campfire. We watched the sun set over the lake (at about 9:30)

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