Mexican day in Grande Prairie

LOCATION: Visiting my aunt and uncle in Grande Prairie, Alberta

WEATHER: Mostly cloudy. High 68

Today’s fun event was a Mexican lunch here at the farm. Aunt Martha had invited some friends and neighbors over for a treat.

Uncle Leo’s caregiver, Jack, and I did the prep. He is from the Phillipines, loves to cook, and is interested in learning about new dishes. I was able to find cilantro in the grocery store, a new herb for him. We made shrimp quesadillas and my “famous” margaritas. It was a fun lunch with good conversation and food. (I forgot to take a photo of the lunch) 😦

George spent the morning under the Airstream, finalizing the temporary repair to the fresh water tank. We think it is fixed now, so we won’t have to go to the Airstream factory afterall. (I forgot to take a photo of George at work, too) 😦

In the afternoon, we started packing up, as we leave Grande Prairie tomorrow.

We made a bonfire in the firepit and enjoyed cocktails.

DINNER: Since we had eaten so much at our late lunch, we only snacked. I topped some tortilla chips with the leftover shrimp quesadilla mix and cheese for a platter of nachos.

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