Brews and a bear in Peace River

LOCATION: With my aunt and uncle in Grande Prairie, Alberta

WEATHER: Partly cloudy. High 65

We are already pretty far north – 300 miles northwest of Edmonton, but today’s trip took us even farther north – up toward The Northern Territories. Our first stop was in a tiny town that has a brewery, but doesn’t have a tasting room. We bought some beer from a shop there, and continued north and west.

We drove by miles and miles of farmland – hay, wheat, and canola. We stopped for lunch in another small town, and met up with one of my aunt’s friends. The restaurant had a surprisingly cosmopolitan menu, even out in the middle of nowhere.

Sadly, a common occurence on the highways here is getting a ding on your windshield from a piece of gravel thrown up by a passing big truck. Today, this happened to my aunt – we got a big hit causing a starburst on the windshield. We have 2 small dings in our pick-up truck, and our friend Tony got a big one while we were traveling together in Saskatchewan.

Then, on to Peace River, about 150 miles north of Grande Prairie. Our first stop was an overlook over the river town, where we learned about the early settlers, fur traders, then farmers.

Down in the town, we stopped at the visitors’ center, the former train station, for information.

We drove around the town, which hugs the river, and found its brewpub. A great place!

The owner came out to greet us, so surprised that we had driven so far, just for a beer.

As we were leaving the Peace River Valley on a scenic highway, a bearcub scampered away in the ditch. He was really moving!

We stopped in another town on the way home to check out another a brand new 2-week old brewpub, and had an appy.

It was nice to get home. A great day!

DINNER: Being late (8:30), we just had leftover potato salad, ham, and cheese.

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