A break from the road

CAMPGROUND: (Not…..). We are staying with my aunt and uncle in Grand Prairie, Alberta

LOCATION: Grande Prairie is about 300 miles NW of Edmonton

WEATHER: Cool and rainy most of the day. High 50

We awoke to 40-degree temp and rain. Yuck. Our electricity went off, so we decided just to quickly pack up and leave the campground.

Yesterday, when we made the final turn off the main highway to go north, we saw a sign saying “no gas for 100 miles”. I was driving and saw that our gauge said we had 100 miles left in the tank. Could we make it? By this time, there was no place to turn around on the highway. Not only was I worried about running out of gas, but also was concerned that the highway had no shoulders – just a steep drop-off. We couldn’t do anything but continue. Meawhile, the highway seemed to be all uphill. The gauge quickly dropped to read that we only had 70 miles left in the tank. Finallly, there was a turn-out and we returned to the town to buy gas.

This morning, we were certainly glad that we had indeed bought the gas. It was obvious we wouldn’t have made it today….in the cold and rain – to the next town – Grande Cache.

Grande Cache is in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by pine forests. We stopped at their Visitor Center for a break. It was named after this type of “cache” that the settlers used to store their food, safely away from bears.

The drive was beautiful, except for the ugly commercial lumber businesses.

There were signs every mile or so warning of caribou crossing the highway. All we saw, though, were the signs.

Today’s rain just added to the already full rivers, brimming with snow melt. At one point, the rain had almost washed the road out.

We arrived at my aunt and uncle’s house in the afternoon. It is so good to see them again. We will be here for a week or so, resting up, doing some RV chores, and preparing for our next leg of the trip. We have been on the road this trip for about 6 weeks. We will continue traveling until mid-October or so.

DINNER: My aunt made a delicious spinach salad with shrimp, bacon, boiled eggs, and mushrooms. We also had salmon shish-ka-bobs with rice. Yum!

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